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English Paper 2

1. PASSAGE (20 Marks)

Read the passage below and then answer the questions that follow. African cities next front growth, says report

(a). This is because of the “peace dividend”✔,1 being realized after years of armed conflict and military rule.✔,1 that has given way to democracy. ✔1

(b). -China has improved trade in Africa.✔1

-Improvement of infrastructure.✔1

(c). This is because of growing consumer spending Ö1 and massive infrastructure investment.Ö1


  1. Peace dividend✔1a
  2. Fast urbanization.✔1b
  3. Improved governance.✔1c
  4. Strengthening of institutions.✔1d
  5. Growing trade.✔1e
  6. Uptake of technology exemplified by the rise in the number of mobile subscribers.✔1f
  7. Infrastructure investment.✔1g

(e). Growing urbanization✔1 and dynamic emerging markets✔1 found in Africa means that Africans cites will play a much bigger role in driving the economic growth of their respective countries.✔1

(f). -Poor roads.✔½


-Inefficiency at boarder posts✔½

-Congested ports✔.½

(g). (i). Red tape – delays in administrative processes and procedures.✔1

(ii). Demographics –data relating to the population and different groups within it.

20 marks

2.EXTRACT (25 Marks)

Read the extract below and then answer the questions that follow

(a).Peter Stockmann threatens Thomas Stockmann with dismissal ✔,1and asks his wife Katherine to persuade her husband to drop the idea of publication✔,1 since this will affect their family.✔,1

(b). -The Baths are contaminated✔,1 –contamination of water due to impurities in the soil.✔,1

-This contamination is due to that poisonous morass up at Molledal.✔,1

-The presence of decomposing organic matter in water-it is full of organism making it dangerous for use both internationally or externally.✔,1

(c). -Build a sewer to carry off the alleged impurities from Molledal.✔,1

-Relay the water conduits.✔,1

(d). -He wants to cut off the most important source of the town’s revenue.✔,1

-Thomas is an enemy of the community.✔,1

(e). -Emotional/temperamental/violent – wants to fight Peter Stockmann since he says “I ought to have flown out at him long ago✔,1

-Rational/reasonable✔,1-He says he does not have the power but right.✔,1

(f). -Typhoid cases.✔,1

-Gastric fever.✔,1

(g). Irony✔,1 – mayor refers to Thomas as an enemy of the community. ✔,1

Symbolism✔,1 –the mayor is symbolic of the conceited, authoritative leaders who are not guided by reasons.✔,1

(h). Bull dozing✔,1 –The mayor forces✔,1 Dr. Stockman not retract.

Corruption -The mayor is corrupt.

(i). -Disagree and attack him.✔,1

-He is a man in authority wielding a lot of power.✔,1

25 marks

3. NARRATIVE (20 Marks)

Read the narrative below and answer the questions that follow.

(a). It is a trickster narrative✔,1 The Hare plays tricks on the elephant.✔,1

(b). From the elephant’s hoof that got burnt.✔,1

(c). -Elephant to collect firewood.✔,1a

-Elephant to make a big fire.✔,1b

-Elephant to put his legs on fire.✔,1c

-Elephant felt he was burning.✔,1d

-Elephant’s hoof were burnt completely.✔,1f

(d). Elephant is gullible✔,1 –easily deceived by Hare✔,1

Hare is cunning ✔,1-played a trick against elephant.✔,1

(e). Hunting✔,1 –carry spear and hunting✔,1stick.

Agriculture/farming✔,1-the presence of jembes.✔,1

(f). A thief has 40 days ✔,1 –after killing elephant for a while, Hare was finally discovered.

(g). -Opening formula✔, 1-Long ago...✔,

-Dialogue ✔,1 – talk between Hare and elephant.✔,1

-Ideophone✔,1 Ekuru –kuru -kuru✔,1

20 marks

4.GRAMMAR (15 Marks)



(i)I waited until I completed primary school for eight years before I went to secondary school.✔,1

(ii). We started celebrating our success just as they finished announcing the exam results.✔,1

(iii). Tioni told him /her to call at seven ✔,1that evening.


(i) It was said that Ngarua had a gift of magic.✔,1

(ii). I suddenly, Okol shouted that the visitors had arrived. ✔,1


(i).came a cross✔,1

(ii). broken down✔,1


(i). got wind of✔,1

(ii). selling like hot cakes.✔,1

(iii). run for office.✔,1


(i). a few✔,1

(ii). few✔,1

(f). (i). beauty✔,1

(ii). breakage✔,1

(iii). severity✔,1

15 marks

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