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Christian Religious Education Paper 2


(a) Explain what angel Gabriel revealed about John the Baptist when

he announced his Birth to Zachariah. (7 marks)

i) He would be a source of joy to the parents.

ii) Many would rejoice at his birth.

iii) He would be great in the sight of the lord.

iv) He was not to take a strong drink/wine.

v) He was to be filled with the Holy Spirit from his mother’s womb.

vi) Through him many Israelites would turn to God.

vii) He would have the Spirit of Elijah.

viii) He would turn the father’s hearts to children/bring reconciliation.

ix) He would prepare people for the Lord/call people to repentance.(7x1=7 marks)

(b) Describe FOUR activities that took place during the dedication

f Jesus in the temple. Lk: 2:22-40) (8 marks)

i) Jesus was taken to Jerusalem to be presented to the Lord by his parents

. ii) Simeon took Jesus up in arms/blessed the Lord.

iii) Simeon said that he was ready to die, he had seen God’s salvation/a sight

for revelation to the gentiles/glory to the Israelites

. iv) Simeon blessed the parents of Jesus.

v) Simeon told Mary Jesus’ mother that the child was set for the fall and rising of many in Israel.

vi) Anna gave thanks /prayed /spoke of Jesus to all who were looking for the redemption of Jerusalem.

vii) The parents of Jesus performed everything according to the law of the Lord/offered a pair of turtle doves/pigeons.

viii) Parents of Jesus returned home. (4x2=8 marks)

(c) State FIVE ways in which Christians show respect to places of worship in Kenya today. (5marks)

i) Observing cleanliness in places of worship.

ii) Observing silence in places of worship.

iii) By dressing decently.

iv) Maintaining order/only authorized persons speak.

v) Construction of special places of worship.

vi) Posters/notices/decorations/flowers are put in church to show sacredness of the place.

vii) Showing reverence e.g. removing shoes /caps.(5x1=5 marks)

20 marks


(a) Describe the call of the first disciples of Jesus.(Lk 5:1-11) (8 marks)

i) Jesus was standing by the lake Genesaret.

ii) He saw two boats without the fishermen.

iii) He entered Simon’s boat/asked them to push it into the water.

iv) He sat down/taught people from the boat.

v) He asked Simon to push the boat into the deep water/cast the nets for a catch.

vi) Simon told Jesus that they had been fishing the whole night without success.

vii) He obeyed Jesus’ command/let down the nets.

viii) They had a multiple catch of fish and asked the partners to assist them remove the nets.
ix) They filled both boats that they began to sink.

x) Simon and his companions were astonished at the miraculous catch

of fish Petr asked Jesus to depart from him because he was sinful.

xi) Jesus told Peter not to be afraid for he was to catch men from then.

xii) They brought their boat to land, theft everything and followed Jesus. (8x1=8 marks)

(b) Give SIX reasons why Jesus called the twelve disciples. (6marks)

i) To teach them the secrets of the Kingdom.

ii) To have companions/personal assistants.

iii) To form an inner group to assist him during his public ministry.

iv) To be witnesses to his person/give a new understanding of his Messiah ship.

v) To train/prepare them for mission after his death.

vi) To lay a foundation for the establishment of the Church.

vii) To continue with the biblical theme of election in which God chooses

anyone to serve him.(6x1=6 marks)

(c) Identify SIX lessons that Christians learn from the call of the first disciples. (6marks)

i) Christians learn that God chooses anyone regardless of their status in the society.

ii) He gives them duties/responsibilities to serve him in various capacities.

iii) Christians should be obedient to God’s instructions.

iv) That God can intervene in their lives.

v) Christians should work together as a team.

vi) God reveals himself in everyday activities.

vii) Christians should abandon their past for the sake of the Kingdom.

viii) Christians should respond to God’s call instantly/immediately.(6x1=6 marks)

20 marks


(a) Describe the healing of the ten lepers.(7 marks)

i) Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem.

ii) He met ten lepers/men who were suffering from leprosy.

iii) The men stood at a distance/shouted at Jesus to have mercy on them.

iv) Jesus told them to go and show themselves to the priests.

v) As they went, they were healed/cleansed.

vi) One of them a Samaritan came back praising God/thanked Jesus.

vii) Jesus asked where the other nine were.

viii) Jesus wondered the fact that only a foreigner returned to give praise to God.

ix) Jesus asked him to raise/go his way for his faith made him well.(7x1=7 marks)

(b) Outline Jesus’ teachings on watchfulness and readiness (Luke 12:35-48) (8marks)

i) Believers should be dressed for his coming.

ii) They should keep their lamps burning.

iii) They should be alert/awake.

iv) Those who are found waiting will be blessed.

v) They should be prepared at all times since they do not know the time for Christ’s coming.

vi) Believers should continue working until Christ’s comes back.

vii) The servants/believers who are drunkards/mistreat fellow workers will be punished.

viii) Those who know what is required of them/their masters will and fail

to do it will receive a severe beating.

ix) Believers are expected to respond to God according to how much they have received from him.
x) Those who do wrong out of ignorance will receive lesser beating/punishment. (4x2=8 marks)
(c) Give reasons why Christians should have faith in God. (6 marks)

i) God fulfils the promises he makes to human beings.

ii) Faith is a requirements for all Christians.

iii) Those who pray in faith receive their requests.

iv) Christians are dependent on God for all things.

v) Faith is a sign of commitment to God/helps Christians to grow spiritually.

vi) It is through faith in God that Christians can perform miracles/great things.

vii) Christians who have faith in God can be saved/healed.

viii) Faith in God helps Christians to overcome temptations/face challenges/persecutions.

ix) Faith in God enables the Christians to wait patiently for second coming

of Jesus/kingdom of God.(6x1=6 marks)

20 marks


(a) Outline the preparation that Jesus made for the Last Supper(Luke 22:7-14) (7marks)

i) He sent Peter and John to prepare for the last supper.

ii) He instructed two disciples to go into the city/Jerusalem.

iii) He told them they would meet a man carrying a jar of water.

iv) Jesus told them to follow him into the house he would enter.

v) Once in the house the disciples were to ask the owner to shown them the guest room.

vi) Jesus told them the house holder would show them a large furnished upper room.

vii) He instructed the disciples to prepare the room.

viii) The disciples were to prepare the meal.

ix) Jesus sat with the disciples in the prepared room.(7x1=7 marks)

(b) State FOUR accusations that were made against Jesus during the trial Luke: 22:-66-23) (8 marks)

i) Jesus called himself the Christ/messiah.

ii) He was in citing people with his teaching.

iii) He was opposing payment of taxes to Caesar.

iv) He made himself King of the Jews against Roman authority.

v) He has stired up people to revolt.

vi) He equated himself to God/blasphemy. (4x2=8marks)

(c) Give reasons why the death of Jesus is important to Christians. (5marks)

i) Through Jesus’ death, their sins are forgiven.

ii) Christians are not supposed to make animal sacrifices.

iii) It demonstrates God’s love for human beings.

iv) Christians have a personal relationship with God.

v) Christians are able to commit themselves to the will of God.

vi) Helps Christians to face death with courage.

vii) Eternal life/salvation is availed.

viii) Jesus became their everlasting high priest by offering his own body.(5x1=5 marks)

20 marks


(a) State ways in which the Holy Spirit was manifested on the day of Pentecost.(7 marks)

i) Through a sound from heaven.

ii) Like a mighty rushing wind.

iii) Tongues of fire resting on each disciple

iv) Disciples were able to speak in different languages.
v) Peter becoming courageous to preach.

vi) Many people were convicted of sin.

vii) Many people repenting their wrong doing. (7x1=7 marks)

(b) Explain how the use of the Holy Spirit brought disunity in the Church at Corinth. (8 marks)

i) Those with gifts despised those who did not have.

ii) Competition in speaking in tongues.

iii) There was no interpretation of tongues.

iv) They had the gifts but lacked love for one another.

v) There was disorder /confusion in worship as they tried to outdo each other.

vi) They did not use the gifts for the growth of the church.

vii) Some gifts were looked down upon e.g. preaching or teaching/prophecy.(4x2=8 marks)

(c) Show how kindness as a fruit of the Holy Spirit is abused in Kenya today. (5 marks)

i) Church leaders starting many projects expecting financing from members.

ii) Some Christians do not work but expect to be assisted.

iii) Failure by members to return borrowed money.

iv) Church leaders demand payments for services rendered.

v) Church leaders expected to be assisted in their personal needs. (5x1=5 marks)

20 marks


(a) Explain FIVE ways in which the unity of believers is expressed in the New Testament. (5marks)

i) The church.

ii) The bride.

iii) The vine and the branches.

iv) The people of God.

v) The body. (5x1=5 marks)

(b) Identify FOUR teachings of St. Paul on similarities between the

church and husband and wife relationship (Eph: 5:5-21-32) (8 marks)

i) Members of the church learn to live together in harmony/unity as husband and wife.

ii) There’s a chain of authority in marriage with the family head

same as Christ who is the head of the church.

iii) As Christ sacrificially loves the church so should husband and wife.

iv) Christians are called to submit to Christ as wives submit to their husbands.

v) Just as a husband and wife become one flesh so one Christians supposed to be united to Christ.

vi) Just as Christ nourished /cherishes the church so should husbands care for their wives.(4x2=8 marks)

(c) Give SEVEN ways in which Christians prevent divisions in the church in Kenya today. (7 marks)

i) Treat each other with love.

ii) Avoid discrimination/segregation/tribalism.

iii) Preach/teach the word of God/Bible.

iv) Transparent leadership.

v) Repenting/ask for forgiveness.

vi) Guidance and counselling.

vii) Pray for one another.

viii) Openly discuss issues.

ix) Follow church doctrines.(7x1=7 marks)

20 marks

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