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English Paper 1




-Must be a notice if not deduct 2 marks A.D.

-anywhere else. -Date and or day must appear, and not time alone.

-Deny 1 mark of format if more than 2 items of another format appear in the notic


Format Notice½ Name of school/institution ½ Item of presentation½ Venue½ Day/Time½ Ownership/contact person½


Charges -

C-1 Benefits -

B-1 People invited -

P-½ Actors - A-½


Language -

2 TOTAL 8 marks


-Must be a synopsis in continuous prose.

-If not faithful to the text, or if irrelevant, award 1 mark only for language.

-Indicate the occurrence of mixed tenses with an asterisk and label M.T since it must be presented in the present simple tense.

Marking points Conflict - C -2

Attempt to resolve conflict - AC -3

Resolution - R -2

Language - L -3

Tone (Tense, prose, length) - T


C - 2

AC - 3

R - 2

L - 3 T - 2

20 marks

2. CLOZE TEST (20 Marks)


1. they

2. and

3. goals

4. distinguish in

6. resist

7. both

8. selfish

9. freely

10. responsibility

20 marks

3. POETRY (15 Marks)


a) i. abba cddc effe ghhg ijjk√1 regular rhyme scheme√1 = 2 marks

ii. alliteration illustration clatter clang; window with; wind without rival; raging onomatopoeia howls, sway, clatter, clang, bang, flash

iii. read more slowly and deliberately with a smile to express the fact that children skip homenot in a hurry/unconcerned about the coming storm and the smile expresses the joy of the children. Illustration Identification 1mark Explanation/ illustration - 1mark iv. ewe v. sun vi. reign vii. blew ½ x 4= 2 marks

b) Acknowledge important people in the audience starting from the most important.

  • Giving background information on the topic.
  • Using a proverb.
  • Using an anecdote short funny/sad story.
  • Asking questions.
  • Giving a personal testimony.
  • Singing a relevant song. Accept any 3 points 1 mark each Mark the first 3 points only and draw a line.

c) Makes other people comfortable around us.

  • It is a mark of respect for other people and their culture.
  • Helps maintain order and enhances efficiency.
  • Prevents misinterpretation of signals.
  • Reduces suspicion for example pickpocketing

d) Before

  • Be decently, smartly and formally dressed.
  • Neatly arrange your documents.
  • Revise areas likely to be tested.
  • Read on current affairs.
  • Arrive before time (at least 30 minutes early) During
  • Be courteous.
  • Be attentive/listen keenly.
  • Knock and wait to be invited in.
  • Be concise and precise.
  • Respond to questions honestly.
  • Think before you answer questions.
  • Remain calm and pleasant.
  • Express appreciation. (Accept any 3 points for before and any three for after 1 mark for 6 points = 6 marks

15 marks

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