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English Paper 3



a) Must be a story if not deduct four marks AD.
The story must illustrate the saying – either how unity helped the protagonist to achieve a desired objective or how disunity scattered these plans.

Either way, the story must naturally lead to the conclusion “unity is strength”.
If merely a philosophical discussion, treat as irrelevant and deduct four marks AD.

b) It must be a discursive essay. If not deduct four marks.

Candidates must show understanding of the term road carnage and explain the measures that can be put in place to minimize road carnage.

The essay should contain well developed paragraphs and the linguistic competence carries most of the mark.

20 marks


An enemy of the people by Ibsen Henrik

Introduction 2mrks

The candidate should understand the meaning of the word “press” and examples of the press like newspapers and people like journalists. The candidates must show understanding of the various examples of injustices in the society that emanates from a manipulative press. Expect a tie to the text “An enemy of the people” by Ibsen.

(PI) The press can be used to oppress some individuals in the society. The journalist refuses to print Dr. Stockmann’s report claiming its mere imagination of the truth. Instead they print a different statement from peter stockman (quote the statement). The Dr. pleads to have the manuscript printed privately. They refuse saying even if he was to offer gold they couldn’t print.

(P ii) The press is used to manipulate the crowd into declaring Dr Stockmann an enemy of the people. - They hijack the meeting and Aslaksen is elected as an official. - They want to deny him freedom of expression till Dr. Stoskmann pretends he has a different topic.

(P iii) The journalists used the press to perpetuate corruption; Aslaksen, Hovstad come to bribe Dr Stockmann in Act five pretending to put the acting newspaper financially to Dr.Stockmann’s disposal now that they understand Morten kill is buying the contaminated baths shares, they want to corrupt Dr Stockmann.

(P iv) The press is used to spread propaganda i.e. it shapes the public’s opinion. The compact majority has no mind of its own; completely loading what the press writes about Dr. Stockmann at captain Horster’s meeting. Two citizens say it’s all in the People’s Messenger Newspaper Dr. Stockman has got it wrong.
They can’t vote on their own i.e. one is asked on whose side are they for. He says,” Let’s wait and see how Aslaksen votes.”

Conclusion. Give a summary of the points of interpretation discussed above.

Any valid conclusion (2marks).

Expect four areas.

Mark 3: 3: 3: 3 = 12.

Expect any other valid points.

20 marks


Half a day and other stories

a) Introduction 2marks.

-Candidates must be consciously aware of the demands of the question.

-Explain the effects of nature on man.

-Ignore definitions/explanations that are not linked to the question.

Si. Drought has brought suffering to the people.
-There has been prolonged drought; not rained for two years.

-People have lost their animals .

-The forests have dried up.

-It takes four days to trek to get water.

-The radio announcement proclaims that man is powerless.

-Kamali Lango’s bull dies due to heat.

S2 The people are poverty-stricken.
-The type of life Kamali Lango lives.

-Has many children, one is sick.

-The type of meal he eats.

-Uses a can-lamp for lighting.
S3 Politicians taking advantage of the people’s vulnerability.
-They make empty promises in order to lure people’s votes.

-Free education.

-Free medicine.

-Irrigation projects.

-Schools. They simply enrich themselves and the poor suffer.

S4 Nature has led to cut-throat competition or trade.
-Kamali Lango challenges businessman Menge at the animal auction.

-Unfortunately, his bull dies and as a result, loses all his savings.

S5 Adverse nature has led to people becoming pessimistic in life.
-People had waited for the promised changes and were still waiting.


-Candidate to give a brief summary of the suffering

-Expect four relevant points

Mark 3:3:3:3 = 12.

b) Introduction 2marks.
Refers to the way the government or its agencies misuse various instruments of power.

P1 Assassinations and killings.
-Odie’s father is assassinated

-Outspoken lecturers like Wak are forced into exile

-People are killed for minor issues e.g. Pepe

-The queen mother’s son is killed.

P2 Indiscriminate harassment

- Stella’s school was raided and girls raped

-The female refugee is sexually assaulted.

-Odie prepares to torture the termite.

P3 Corruption in government
-Odie obtains a title deed from the lands office in a corrupt manner

-As evidence, he presents Waks photographs from the orbituary pages in the newspapers, which is false.
P4 Looting of the economy.
- Leads to shortages of basic necessities

-Inflation is very high

-The shilling is devalued against the dollar.

P5 Any other irrelevant point.
- Expect four well illustrated points

-Mark 3:3:3:3 = 12

-Conclusion 2marks

-Give a summary of the points discussed.

c) Introduction 2marks
Developing nations have many problems; some of which includes corruption, brain drain, poverty, poor infrastructure among many others.
Accept a relevant tie to the text i.e. in the text homestretch by Velma pollard. Jamaica faces quite a number of problems. Accept any other relevant


Di) Poverty

-Jamaica is poor because of decline

-Most business in town/Jamaica have collapsed e.g. gas station

-The shops

-The churches have crumbled

-The buildings need repair

-Farming of banana which is only done by the rich few pg 21

Dii) Corruption
The scene at the airport between Brenda and the airport official’s corruption is said to be rampant in Jamaica.

Diii) Brain drain
Most intelligent able bodied people go for greener pasture America and Britain hence no professional entrepreneur’s pg 37, pg 174 and pg 175.
-No teachers

-David and Edith.

Div) Poor infrastructure.
-Roads rough and impossible

-Transport system is chaotic pg 18, 51

-Water supply

-Shortages of electricity

Diiv) Cultural alienation.
Jamaica reffered to as dry land tourist
Most Jamaican prefers England as motherland hence they are surprised that David left England to retire home.

Diiiv) Natural calamities
-Hurricanes pg 37

-The most recent hurican has worse
-Conclusion – 2marks

-Expect a summary of the main points

-Any other appropriate conclusion.

-Mark 3:3:3:3 = 12.

20 marks

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