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Christian Religious Education Paper 2


a) Outline prophet Jeremiah’s prophecy about the Messiah. (6mks)

b) Describe Angel Gabriel’s message to Mary Luke 1: 26 -34. (8mks) \

c) State six lessons that Christians learn about Jesus from the infancy stories of Luke chapter 1 and 2. (6mks)

20 marks


a) Narrate the incident when Jesus cured the man with a withered hand (Lk 6:6 -11). (7mks)

b) What problems did Jesus encounter as a result of performing miracles. (7mks)

c) Give reasons why some church ministers are unpopular today. (6mks)

20 marks


a) Outline the teachings of Jesus on the way to salvation (Lk 18:18 -34) (6mks)

b) With examples drawn from the Luke’s gospel, show how the disciples demonstrated their love for Jesus during his ministry. (8mks)

c) Give five ways in which Christians show their love for Jesus. (6mks)

20 marks


a) Describe how “the church” is used to illustrate the unity of believers. (6mks)

b) List down the characteristics of love as outlined in 1 Corinthians 13:4 – 8. (6mks)

c) Outline eight ways in which disunity has manifested itself in Kenya today. (8mks)

20 marks


a) Explain four similarities between traditional African and Christian teachings on Human Sexuality. (8mks)

b) State seven importance of children in a marriage. (7mks)

c) Outline five Traditional African teaching on work. (5mks)

20 marks


a) Identify five forms of discrimination. (5mks)

b) State the cultural practices that dehumanizes women in the society. (7mks)

c) Explain how unfair distribution of wealth contribute to social disorder in Kenya today. (8mks)

20 marks

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