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Computer Studies Paper 2


Below is a cash statement for the first half of the year for Mamboleo safaris tours & Travel 2014.Enter the data into a worksheet as shown. Save your work in a CD as Mamboleo safaris (15 mks)

b. Calculate the following; (4 mks)

i) Total Expenses and sales for each quarter

ii) Profit/loss

iii) Calculate total sales and Expenses for Quater1- Quater4

iv) Add a row below total expenses and label it ‘Highest Expenditure” use a formula to obtain this figure c. Format the heading ‘MAMBOLEO SAFARIS TOURS &TRAVEL’’ (5 mks)

Alignment: Merge and centre

Font style: Bold &Underline

Font Size: 16

Font Type: Arial.

Name the worksheet Mamboleo 1.
d. Insert a new worksheet and name it Mamboleo2.

Copy the contents of Mamboleo 1 to
Mamboleo 2. (2marks)

e. Mamboleo Managing Director wanted to know what her income from sales would be. Using Mamboleo 2 worksheets add a row below

Net income and label it comment. Generate using a formula a comment showing "Loss" if the sales are negative and "profit" if the sales are negative. Align the months to 45' (degrees) (7 marks)
f. (i) By using Mamboleo 2, 10% of the profit is to be set aside for development please add arrow to calculate the same. Sort the expenses by Name from Ascending to Descending, then sort by January expenses (4 marks)
(ii) Insert a column chart and use it to compare total sales and total expenses, ensure that it is on its own page. (6 marks)
g. Using Mamboleo 2 add arrow below “profit” add to calculate the sum of all values in
quarter 1 whose expenses are above 5000 (4mrks)
h. Print Mamboleo 1 Mamboleo 2 and Mamboleo chart (3marks)

50 marks


The information given below is on products, suppliers and orders for a departmental store.

Table 1 (Products table) contain four fields representing Product ID, Product Name, Retail Price and No of Units of the product in stock respectively. The unique identifier of a product is its Product ID.

Table 2 (Suppliers table) contains five fields representing Suppliers ID, Supplier Name, Address, Town and Tel No respectively. The unique identifier of a Supplier is the Suppliers ID.

Table 3 (Orders table) contains seven fields representing Order ID, Product ID, Supplier ID, Wholesale Price, No of Units, Date ordered and Date received respectively. The unique identifier is its Order ID

(a) Use the information to create a database named STORE and enter the data in tables Products, Suppliers and Orders. (30mks)

(b) (i) Create the relationships between the tables. (4mks)

(ii) Create a query to find the Cost of the products and save it as Product cost (7mks)

(c) Create a form to allow the entering of the product details and add an appropriate form title and save as product form. (5mks)

(d) Print the three tables and the query (4mks)

50 marks

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