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Christian Religious Education Paper 1

Answer any FIVE questions only

a) Outline seven activities performed by God in the second Biblical account. (7mks)

b) Identify six remedies of evil in the traditional African society. (6mks)

c) How is the church fighting evil in the society today. (7mks)

20 marks


a) How did God prepare Moses to be the liberator of the covenant people? (6mks)

b) Why did Moses finally accept to take up the task going to liberate the Israelites. (8mks)

c) Identify six challenges that Christians face while practicing their faith in Kenya today. (6mks)

20 marks


a) State six roles of judges in Israel. (6mks)

b) How did King Solomon fulfill Samuels prophecy about Kingship in Israel. (7mks)

c) Outline 7 ways in which leaders misuse their powers today. (7mks)

20 marks


a) Explain six ways in which prophetic messages were written. (6mks)

b) Explain Amos’ teaching on ‘the day of the Lord’ (8mks)

c) Outline six ways in which Christians communicate God’s messages today. (6mks)

20 marks


a) Outline the message of prophet Jeremiah in his letter to the exiles. (6mks)

b) How would God punish Judah according to prophet Jeremiah’s teachings? (7mks)

c) How can Christians avoid God’s punishment? (7mks)

20 marks


a) Explain six significance of Kinship ties ‘in Traditional African society. (6mks)

b) Identify four ways in which modern science and technology has affected traditional African Kinship system. (8mks)

c) State factors that hinder effective transmission of traditional African values today. (6mks)

20 marks

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