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Computer Studies Paper 2


Mr Otiende decided to keep track of his personal expenses at beginning of the year. The table below shows his monthly budget ad the actual expenditure during the first four months.

(a). Use a spreadsheet program to store the information and save it as personal Expenses. (15 marks)

(b). (i).Type a new title “Total” in G3 and “Expenses” in G4. Use a formula to calculate the total expenses for each category during the four months. (4 marks)

(ii). Add the title “Total” in H3 and “Budget” in H4 and use an appropriate formula to calculate the total budget per month for each category of expenses. (2 marks)

(iii). Insert a custom footer left“ Otiende’s”, centre “Personal”right “Expenses”.Bold and italics. (2 marks)

(iv). Center the main title across the cells, size 14 and double underline. (2 marks)

(v). Save the file as Personal Expenses 1. (1 mark)

(c). Add a new title “Budget Deficit” after column H and calculate the budget deficit per month. (2 marks)

(d). Type a arrow header “Total” in A 15 and obtain the totals for Monthly Budget deficit, expenses for each month, total expenses, total budgeted and Budget Deficit.(4 marks)

(e). Use a function in 115 to count the number of categories whose total budget is equal to the expenses. (1 mark)

(f). Format all the figures with a thousand separators. (1 mark)

(g). Using an appropriate formula in column J to indicate categories with a budget DEFICIT, SURPLUS or NIL. Type “Deviation Report” as the column title. (3 marks)

(h). Use a bar chart to compare the total expenses per category and the budget. Include Relevant chart titles and place the chart on its own worksheet. (8 marks)

(i). Save the file as Personal Expenses 2. (1 mark)

(j). Print Personal Expenses, Personal Expenses 1, Personal Expenses 2 and the chart. (4 marks)

50 marks


PK is new transportation company. The managing director would like to produce advert to enable him to reach out to local towns.

1. Prepare a publication layout with the following specification:

a. Paper size A4

b. Orientation Portrait

c. Number of pages 1

d. Margins 0.5 inches all round

e. Create column guides to subdivide the page into two columns.

f. Space between columns 0.3 inches (6 marks)

Produce the publication as shown in the sample. All the text are in Times New Roman size 12 except.

a. PK in the logo size 28

b. Unbeatable size 20

c. You cant compare size 14

d. Working hours size 22

e. Passenger Ticket shading is Accent 4

f. Fill pattern for working hours is 5% (44 marks)

50 marks

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