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Computer Studies Paper 2



Type the following passage and format it as it appears using a word processing package and save as networking.


A Computer network is a group of computers and other devices that are interconnected together in order to share resources.
Advantages of computer networks
1. Multiple users can communicate exchange and share information.

2. Resource sharing that include printers, files, storage media and folders

Data communications is regarded as the collection and distribution of the electronic representation of information which can be text, voice, graphics or image, from and to remote computing facilities. As information can only be carried to the remote site provided that the information carrier supports that particular type of data transmission, information my undergo data conversion processes if the nature of data signal is incompatible with the characteristics of the signal carrier.

Communication networks are usually defined by their size and complexity. We can distinguish four main types:
(i). Local area networks (LAN)

These networks connect computer equipment and other terminals distributed in a localised area.

(ii). Metropolitan area networks (MAN)

These networks are used to interconnect LANs that are spread on a metropolitan area such as a town.

(iii). Wide area networks (WAN)

These networks connect computers and other terminals over large distances. They often require multiple communication connections, including microwave, radio links and satellite.


Create the table below, enter the information as shown and use appropriate formulas to determine the total score and average score for the 5 students.

Print 1. A) and 1. B)

48 marks


Enter the data below onto a worksheet and save the workbook as sales

Rename sheet1 as sales1.

Copy sales1to sheet2 and rename it as sales2 and do the questions that follow.

i. Format all values to two decimal places and a thousand separator.

ii. Determine the average sales for all the salesmen in each of the four weeks of the month of January

iii. Commission is calculated as follows

Use the information above to determine the commission for steve in week 1 and copy the formula to determine the commission for other salespersons for all the weeks in the month of January.

iv. The sales persons are paid their commission using M-pesa, cash or cheque depending on the average sales amount as shown below

Use the information above to determine the mode of payment for each sales person in each of the four weeks. Note that commission is paid weekly.

v. Using a function, count the number of payments that were made through M-pesa.

vi. Using a pie chart, show how the sales persons performed in week3 of the month of January.

vii. Print sales1 and sales2.

52 marks

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