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Islamic Religious Education Paper 2


(a) state four things that are considered Munkarat according to Islam. (4mks)

(b) Read the following Hadith of the Prophet (S.A.W) and answer the question that follows. “Every legally responsible person should refrain saying anything except when there is a clear advantage to speaking.” In reference to the Hadith , Explain the proper use of the tongue. (c) State the practices in Islam that lead to piety and righteousness (8mks)

12 marks


(a) Define a family according to Islam. (1mk)

(b) Give reasons why Islam encourages stability of families. (7mks)

i. Explain ways of observing marriage in Islam. (6mks)

ii. State roles of a mother in an Islamic family setting. (6mks)

20 marks


(a)state the Islamic teaching on drug abuse.

(b) Discuss ways Muslims can preserve Islamic culture in the current changing society.
c) State problems experienced in execution of Islamic law of Inheritance in Kenya.

20 marks


(a) State the differences between monopoly and hoarding of goods.

(b) Explain four effects of corruption (8mks)

(c) Give reasons why divorce is a hated activity in Islam. (8mks)

16 marks


(a) State factors that contributed to the assassination of Khalifa Uthman (R.A) (8mks)

(b) Describe the battle of Badr of 624 A.D. (5mks)

(c) Explain the achievement of Prophet Muhammad on the following

i. Status of women ii. Islamic brotherhood.

16 marks


(a) Discuss the achievement of Muslim brotherhood in Egypt. (10mks)
(b) What were the contributions of Uthman Dan Fodio towards Islam? (10mks)

20 marks

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