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Christian Religious Education Paper 1

Answer any five Questions.

(a). Identify seven differences found between the first and the second account of creation.

(b). Describe the attributes of God from the biblical accounts of creation.

(c). List down eight effects of evil in Traditional African Societies.

20 marks


(a). Explain four ways in which the early life of Moses prepared him for his future role.

(b). Describe the making of Sinaic Covenant.

(c). What lessons do Christians learn from the life of Moses.

20 marks


(a). Give seven reasons why King Solomon became famous after the death of his father David.

(b). Explain how idolatry affected the religious life of the Israelites.

(c). What factors influence people to involve themselves in cultic practices today.

20 marks


(a). Identify six duties of God’s prophets in the Old Testament.

(b). Outline the teachings of prophet Amos on the day of the Lord.

(c). Explain four ways in which Christians play prophetic roles in the society today.

20 marks


(a). State eight occasions when Nehemiah prayed.
(b). Outline seven promises that the Israelites made during the renewal of covenant under Nehemiah.
(c). In what ways should the church reform the Christian community.

20 marks


(a). Give seven factors that lead to harmony and mutual responsibility in Traditional African Community.

(b). State the moral values inculcated in traditional African marriage rite.

(c). Explain how bride wealth in Traditional African Communities have been affected by modern economic systems.

20 marks

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