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Christian Religious Education Paper 2

Answer any five questions

(a). Identify eight ways in which Jesus fulfilled Isaiah’s prophecies about the suffering servant.

(b). Describe the role of John the Baptist as a forerunner to the Messiah.

(c). Outline six ways in which the Church in Kenya is winning people to the kingdom of God.

20 marks


(a). Describe the temptations of Jesus in the wilderness.

(b). Relate the healing of the Centurion’s servant in Luke 7:1-10

(c). Give seven ways in which the Church in Kenya puts into practice the healing ministry of Jesus.

20 marks


(a). Narrate the parable of the Shrewd Manager.(Lk 16:1-13)

(b). Outline seven acts of faith portrayed by Zacheaus during his encounter with

(c). Give six lessons that Christians learn from the story of Jesus and Zacheaus.

20 marks


(a). Outline Peter’s message on the Day of Pentecost.

(b). Describe the unity of believers as illustrated in the images of vine and the branches.

(c). State six ways in which the gifts of the Holy Spirit are manifested in the life of Christians today.

20 marks


(a). Give six similarities between Traditional African and Christian teaching on marriage.

(b). Explain four virtues related to work.

(c). Outline six importance of leisure to a person.

20 marks


(a). Identify six areas of conflict between the church and the state.
(b). Explain four ways in which Science and technology has promoted moral decay in the society.
(c). Give six ways in which modern Science and technology undermines Christian teaching on respect to human life.

20 marks

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