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Geography Paper 2

SECTION A (25 Marks)

Answer all the questions

(a). Distinguish between land reclamation and land rehabilitation.

(b). Outline two differences between land reclamation in Kenya and Netherlands.

4 marks


(a). Define the term over population.

(b). Give three possible solutions to the rapid growing population in Kenya.

5 marks


(a). Give two advantages of containerisation.

(b). State three measures which the Kenyan government has taken to reduce road accidents

5 marks


(a). Identify three problems facing nomadic pastoralism in Kenya.
(b). Give three differences between horticulture and market gardening.

5 marks


(a). Name any three forms of pollution.
(b). Give two measures that are being undertaken to conserve the major catchment areas in Kenya.

5 marks

SECTION B (75 Marks)

Answer question 6 and any other two questions.

The table below shows the number of tourists who visited Kenya between 2006 and 2010. Use it to answer question a and b.

(a) .(i). Calculate the average annual European visitors over the five years.

(ii). Calculate total number of tourists in Kenya between 2006 and 2010.
(b). (i). Using a vertical scale of 1 cm to represent 100,000 tourists, draw a compound bar Graph to represent the data above.

(ii). Give two other methods that would also be used to present this data.

(iii). Comment on the trend of tourists arrival.

(c). (i). List down 2 major tourist attractions in Kenya.

(ii). Explain the significance of tourism to the economy of Kenya

(d). Give any three measures being undertaken by Kenya to improve her tourism industry.

25 marks


(a) (i). Define fish farming.
(ii). Name three major areas where fish farming is practiced in Kenya.
(b) Explain how the following factors influence fishing.

(i) Presence of ocean currents.

(ii) Nature of the coastline.

(c) (i).Identify the fishing method shown below.

(ii). Describe how the above method is practiced in Lake Victoria.

(d). Study the map of the world below and answer the questions that follow.

i. Name the fishing ground marked R and T.

ii. The ocean current marked P.

iii. Explain four factors that favour fishing in the fishing ground marked Q.

25 marks


(a) .(i). Name two forms of energy.

(ii).State three advantages of solar energy.

(b). (i). Apart from Ol Karia, name two potential areas in Kenya for the generation of Geothermal power.

(ii).State TWO factors that limit the exploitation of geothermal power in Kenya.

(c). State three reasons why Kenya import oil in crude form.

(d). Explain Four physical factors that favour the location of a hydro-electric power station.

(e). Your class intends to carry out a field study on the sources and uses of energy within the local environment.

i. Give two methods you will use to present the data.

ii. Give three problems you are likely to encounter while collecting the data.

25 marks


a.(i). Differentiate between primary and secondary industries.

(ii).Give four benefits derived from the jua kali sector in Kenya.

(b). Explain how the following factors influence the location of industries.

i. Government policies.

ii. Presence of electricity.

(c). Explain four factors which have favoured the development of the electronics industry in Japan.

(d). State five problems facing industries in Kenya.

25 marks


(a). (i). What is arable farming?

(ii). Explain how the following factors affect plantation farming.

a. Price fluctuation

b. Inadequate capital.

c. Competition.

(b). Explain four ways in which Kenya has benefited from horticultural farming.

(c). (i).State Three human requirements that are necessary for the growing of tea in Kenya.
(ii). Name three main tea growing areas found to the West of the RiftValley in Kenya.
(d). (i). State three ways through which the Kenya Tea Development Authority (KTDA) assist smallscale farmers.
(ii). Explain how Kenya markets her tea.
(iii). Name two countries which are leading buyers of the Kenya tea.

25 marks

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