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Christian Religious Education Paper 2

Answer any five questions.

a). State the message from Isaiah’s prophecy about Messiah which Jesus read in the
synagogue at Nazareth. (6mks)

b) Explain why Jesus was rejected at Nazareth (6mks)

c) Give reason why some people find it difficult to accept Jesus today (8mks)

20 marks


a) Explain four teachings of John the Baptist on social justice (8mks)

b) State the teachings of John the Baptist about Jesus Christ. (6mks)

c) State six ways in which Christian practice social justice (6mks)

20 marks


(a) Describe the arrest of Jesus as narrated in Luke 22:47-53 (9mks)

(b) Why were Jesus’ disciples reluctant to listen to the holy women’s testimony concerning
Jesus resurrection? (6mks)

c) Give five reasons why modern Christians should accept to suffer in Christ’s name (5mks)

20 marks


a) Explain Paul’s teachings on the importance of the gifts of the holy spirit (9mks)

b) Identify seven teachings of Jesus on the role of the Holy spirit (7mks)

c) How are the gifts of the holy sprit manifested in churches in Kenya today (4mks)

20 marks


(a) What is meant by the following terms:

i) Professional ethics, (2mks)

ii) Professional code of conduct, (2mks)

iii) Professional ethos? (2mks)

b) Why is it important for a Christian to observe professional Ethics? (7mks)

c) Give seven reasons why a Christian should not resort to strike action as a way of presenting
grievances (7mks)

20 marks


a) Outline the significance of leisure in traditional Africa community (7mks)

b) Explain four Christian criteria of evaluating the use of leisure (8mks)

c) State five ways in which science and technology undermines human life (5mks)

20 marks

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