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Christian Religious Education Paper 2


a) Explain what angel Gabriel revealed about John the Baptist when he announced his birth to Zechariah. (7 marks)

b) Describe four activities that took place during the dedication of Jesus in the temple. (Luke 2:22-40). (8 marks)

c) State five ways in which Christians show respect to places of worship in Kenya today. (5 marks)

20 marks


a) Describe the call of the first disciples of Jesus. (Luke 5:1-11) (8 marks)

b) Give six reasons why Jesus called the twelve disciples. (6 marks)

c) Identify six lessons that Christians learn from the call of the first disciples. (6 marks)

20 marks


a) Describe the healing of the ten lepers. (7 marks)

b) Outline Jesus’ teaching on watchfulness and readiness. (Luke 12:35-48) (8 marks)

c) Give reasons why Christians should have faith in God. (6 marks)

20 marks


a) Outline the preparation that Jesus made for the last supper. (Luke 22:7-14) (7 marks)

b) State four accusations that were made against Jesus during his trial. (Luke 22:66-23:1-23) (8 marks)

c) Give reasons why the death of Jesus is important to Christians. (5 marks)

20 marks


a) State ways in which the Holy Spirit was manifested on the day of Pentecost.(7 marks)

b) Explain how the use of the Holy Spirit brought disunity in the church at Corinth.(8marks)

c) Show how kindness as a fruit of the Holy Spirit is abused in Kenya today. (5 marks)

20 marks


a) Explain five ways in which the unity of believers is expressed in the New Testament. (5 marks)

b) Identify four teachings of St. Paul on similarities between the church and husband and

wife relationship. (Ephesians 5:21-32). (8 marks)

c) Give seven ways in which Christians prevent divisions in the church in Kenya today. (7 marks)

20 marks

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