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Computer Studies Paper 2


The table below shows the names of students and score attained in five subjects at BORESHA ACADEMY.

Enter the data into a work sheet as shown. (15 marks)

a) Insert a blank row between the title and Term 2 mark sheet. (2 mark)

b) Calculate the total marks obtained by each student. (7 marks)

c) Calculate the average mark for each student and rank them in descending order.(7 marks)

d) Using a built in function, extract highest (maximum) mark and lowest (minimum) mark for each subject. (4 marks)

e) Centre all headings. (2 marks)

f) Insert the name and marks for this student into the worksheet. (2 marks)

Jacinta Asuza, English 60, Maths 72, Biology 45, C.R.E 90, History 68
g) Move to an appropriate part of the worksheet and extract the highest total and lowest total (2marks)
h) Save the worksheet as C: BORESHA (2 marks)
i) Create a bar chart from the above worksheet. Save it as C: CHART. (3 marks)
j) Print CHART, BORESHA (2 marks)

50 marks


A Using an appropriate word processing software,

type the following passage and save it as DATA SECURITY (10 marks)

Data security and control External threats

i. Fire, floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters.

These are the potential threats hut are not the most common external problem,

ii. Theft of equipment-theft of pc’s laser printers and even memorychips after a Break into a building are very common,

iii. Espionage (intelligence)-information in the wrong hands can do a lot of damage.

Example access to a payroll or accounting information is restricted

so such information should be shielded away from external and internal spies.

Internal threats Internal threat would include

i. Hacking ii. Fraud

iii. Hardware failure

iv. Corruption of databases
Viruses load and run without the user requesting them to run; and cause considerable damage

i. Modifying other program.

ii. Hiding inside other programs with an aim of spreading to other mashine

iii. Destroying data and programs
It is a computer code which usually designed to carry out two tasks.
i. To replicate itself from one computer system to another.

ii. To locate itself within a computer in such a way as to make it possible for it

to amend or destroy programs and data files, by interfering with the normal processes of the operating, system.

i. Copy the original document (data security) to the next page. (2 marks)

ii. Format the headings as follows: (6 marks)

iv. Strike through the internal threats. (2 marks)
C) i) Insert the ANY clipart at the bottom center of the document. (3 marks)
ii) Create word art as indicated by the symbol (2 marks)

iii) Using auto shape, design a logo as indicated by the symbol. (2 marks)

D) Save the document as SECURITY (2 marks)
i. Copy the original document (data security) to the next page. (2 marks)

ii. Drop cap the first letter of the document (D) to cover two lines. (1 mark)

iii. Spell check the whole document. (2 marks)

iv. Double space and italics the first paragraph. (3 marks)

v. Insert a header “computer threat” to appear in every page. (2 marks)

vi. Number the pages using the format 1, 2, 3…..
F) Save the document as COMPUTER THREAT (2 marks)
G) Print the document
i. Data security (1 mark)

ii. Security (1 mark)

iii. Computer threat

50 marks

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