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Geography Paper 2

SECTION A (25 Marks)


a) List three ways by which minerals may occur. (3 marks)

b) Name one mineral which is called energy mineral. (1 mark)

c) What is the term O.P.E.C in full? (1 mark)

4 marks


a) Differentiate the word forest from forestry. (2 marks)

b) Name any two exotic soft-wood species grown in Kenya. (2 marks)

c) Give one reason why exotic softwood trees were introduced in Kenya. (1 mark)

5 marks


a) Name two counties in Kenya where wheat is grown. (2marks)

b) State three problems which face plantation farming. (3 marks)

5 marks


a) Differentiate between horticulture and market gardening. (2 marks)

b) State three factors which explain the concentration of horticulture around Naivasha. (3marks)

5 marks


a) Name two exotic beef cattle reared in Kenya. (2 marks)

b) State three characteristics of beef farming. (3 marks

5 marks

SECTION B (75 Marks)


Study the table below and answer the questions which follow.

a) Using a scale of 1 cm to represent 5 billion Kshs, draw a divided rectangle to

represent the data in the table, for the year 1999. (6 marks)

b)i) Suggest four interpretations which could be made from the divided rectangle.(4 marks)

ii) State any two advantages of this technique in showing data. (2 marks)

c)i) Give any three likely explanations for the continuous drop in the value of coffee over the years. (6 marks)

ii) Suggest two human factors which may have led to increase in the value of tea.(2 marks)

di) State three problems facing horticultural farming in Kenya. (3 marks)

ii) Give two major roles of horticulture in the Kenyan economy. (2 marks)

5 marks


a) Why is forestry regarded as a ‘Robber Industry’? (1 mark)

b) Distinguish between forestry management and forest conservation. (2 marks)

c)i) State three measures undertaken to conserve forests in Kenya. (3 marks)

ii) What is Agroforestry? (1 mark)

iii) Explain why the government of Kenya encourages agroforestry in the country. (8 marks)
d)i) Explain three factors which favour the development of softwood forests in both Kenya and Canada. (6 marks)

ii) State two major differences between the mode of exploitation of forests in Kenya and Canada. (4 marks)

25 marks


a)i) Distinguish transhumance from nomadism. (2 marks)

ii) Name one community in Kenya which practices transhumance. (1 mark)

b)i) State two main characteristics of the areas where ranching is practiced in Kenya.(2 marks)

ii) List three areas in Kenya where ranching is practiced. (3 marks

c) Explain three human factors which favour dairy farming in central Kenya. (6 marks)

d)i) Explain four differences in dairy farming between Kenya and Denmark. (8 marks)

ii) State three economic benefits of dairy farming in Kenya. (3 marks)

25 marks

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