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Islamic Religious Education Paper 1


A Explain the term Quran. (2 marks)

B State the importance of the Quran to the Muslim society. (6 marks)

C With relevant examples, explain the four modes of revelation. (12 marks)

20 marks


A What lessons can Muslims learn from Suurat-ill-Nuur? (8 marks)

B Outline the etiquettes of handling and recitation of the Quran. (8 marks)

C Mention the significance of memorizing the Quran. (4 marks)

20 marks


A Highlight the four forms of Hadith. (8 marks)

B Give reasons why people invented false Hadith. (6 marks)

C List any six books of Hadith. (6 marks)

20 marks


A Outline the qualities of the Angels of Allah. (4 marks)

B Mention other names used to refer to the day of judgement. (5 marks)

C Give any seven names of the Prophets mentioned in the Holy Quran. (7 marks)

D State the significance of Shahada. (4 marks)

20 marks


A With examples, name and explain the three categories of Najasah. (6 marks)

B Outline the rules of Istinjaa. (8 marks)

C Explain the qualities of a Muslim woman’s dress for prayers. (6 marks)

20 marks


A How is Jajj significant to Muslims? (7 marks)

B Highlight any five types of Sauim. (5 marks)

C State the recipients of Zakaat. (8 marks)

20 marks

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