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Mathematics Paper 2

SECTION I (50 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section

Ngurumo had Turkeys, Ducks and Hens in his farm. The number of Turkeys was 48. Turkeys were eight times the number of Ducks. The number of Hens was five times the sum of Turkeys and Ducks. If he sold 30% of the Hens, find the number of Hens that remained.

3 marks


Simplify the logarithmic expression

3 marks


Find the area of quadrilateral PQRS below.

4 marks


Make x the subject of the equation

3 marks


Given that Find the values of a, b
and c.

3 marks


Find the co-ordinates of point Q which divides line AB externally in the ratio 5: 2. Take the

position vectors of A and B to be

4 marks


Find the absolute error in the expression
given that the measurements of p, q and r are
7cm, 2.5cm and 1.25cm respectively. Give your answer correct to 4 significant figures

4 marks


Use Binomial coefficients to obtain the value of (1.01)5, correct to five decimal places

3 marks


The area of a sector of a circle, radius 5.6cm, is 6.93cm The arc of the sector subtends an angle , at the centre of the circle. Find the value of in radians correct to 3 decimal places

2 marks


Wabwile bought a saloon car for Ksh 580,000. After 5 years, the value of the car was Ksh 365,000. Determine the rate of depreciation per annum, correct to one decimal place.

3 marks


Expand and simplify

2 marks


The cost C, of producing n items varies partly as n and partly as the inverse of n. To produce two items it costs ksh 135 and to produce three items it costs ksh 140. Find the cost of producing 10 items.

4 marks


Given that

3 marks



3 marks


In the figure below, AB is a tangent to the circle centre O and radius 20cm. The area of triangle ABO is 360cm2 and OCB is a straight line. Find the length of CB.

3 marks


. Tap P can fill an empty water tank in 3 hours while tap Q can fill the same tank in 6 hours. When the tank is full, it can be emptied by tap R in 8 hours. Tap P and Q are opened at the same time when the tank is empty. If one hour later, tap R is opened, find the total time taken to fill the tank

3 marks

SECTION II (50 Marks)

Answer only five questions

An employee earns a basic salary of Ksh 28500 and is also given taxable allowance amounting to Ksh 11980.

The table of taxation is shown below.


a) Taxable income for the employee

b) Total tax paid by the employee.

c) If the employee receives a 50% increase in his total income, calculate the corresponding percentage increase on taxes.

10 marks


. In the figure below, AB is parallel to CD. The lines AD and CB intersect at M. CB =12cm, CB : MB = 1:3, angle BAM = 380 and angle CMD = 750

a) Find the length of MB.

b) Determine, the correct to 4 significant figures

i) The perpendicular distance between AB and CD.

ii) the length of MD.

c) Using the cosine rule, find the length of CD correct to 2 significant figures.

d) Calculate, correct to one decimal place, the area of triangle CDM.

10 marks


Kiprono is training to run in long distance races. In the first week he runs 50km and he intends to increase this speed by 10% each week.

a) Calculate how far he should run in the second week.

b) Show that the distance he runs each week form a geometric series, then list down the first four terms of the series. `

c) Find to the nearest kilometer, the total distance that he should run during the first 10 weeks.

10 marks


In the figure below OWJKL is a parallelogram in which

a) If A is a point on LK such that and a point B divides the line JK externally in the ratio 3 :1, express OB and AJ in terms of p and r.

b) Line OB intersects AJ at X such that OX = mOB and AX= nAJ.

i) Express OX in terms of p, r and m

ii) Express Ox in terms of p, r and n.

iii) Determine the values of m and n and hence the ratio in which point x divides line AJ.

10 marks


The circle given by equation passes through point (-3, -1).

a) The value of h.

b) The co-ordinates of the centre of the circle

c) The radius of the circle.

d) The co-ordinates of the other end of the diameter that passes through point (-3, -1)

10 marks


On a given day, the probability that it is windy is
. When it is windy, the probability that a kite
that is flown sticks on a tree is
, otherwise it is

a) Represent this information on a tree diagram.

b) Find the probability that the: i) Kite is flown on a windy day.

ii) Kite is flown

iii) Kite is not flown

10 marks


a) Complete the table below for the function

b) On the grid provided, draw the graph of

c) Use your graph to find the values of x which satisfy the simultaneous equations:

d) Write down and simplify a quadratic equation which is satisfied by the values of x where the graphs in (c) above intersect.

Use your graph in (b) above to solve:

10 marks


In the figure below, A, B,C and D are points on the circle centre O. ACT and SDTU are straight lines. Line SDTU is a tangent to the circle at D, angle CDT = 400 and angle CTU =1600

10 marks

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