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Computer Studies Paper 2


a) James is a secretary for all clubs in the school. He has been told to create Club Database management system (DBMS) to help the club maintain record on the clubs’ members.

a) Perform the following operations just like James would:

i) Create a databases Club – DBMS with the tables shown above. (6mks)

ii) Index on last name on the student table. (2mks)

iii) Crate a lookup list for the following fields in class student. (3mks)

c) Create a query for each record containing of membership fees $ multiplied by 79.8. Label this column “Amount in shillings”. The query should display: Last Name (in ascending order), First Name, Registration Number, Date of Registration, Amount in shillings. For all members whose last name start with M or J and first name start with M save the query as Query M (8mks)

d) Create a query that Display Admission Number, Last Name, first Name, Club Names and Registration date for form four students. Save the query as Members. (3mks)
e) Create a tabular report from Query –M that displays Last Name, Membership
Number, Date of Registration, Membership Fees paid in shillings and display the
total to the membership fees at the end of the report. Save the report as
“Membership Report” (5mks)
f) Create a tabular report from Members query, sort the records by first name and
save it as Club Members. (5mks)
g) On each report, add your name, index number and page number in the format “
X of Y pages” as footer. (3mks)

h) Print membership Report, Club Members, Query – M and Student table. (4mks)

20 marks


d) Border style: 6pt

e) Rotate it appropriately (400) 3) Format the heading “All Under One Roof” to bear the following features:- (5mks)

a) Underline style: words only

b) Font type: Arial Narrow

c) Font size:20

d) Alignment: centered

e) Rotate it appropriately (600) 4) Format the text below the heading “Motto: Customer Satisfaction” to be in three columns and format it as follows:- (5mks) 1st column

i) Drop cap the first character to four lines.

ii) Line spacing 1.25pt. 2nd column

iii) Underline the title “Items” with a broken line iv) Text weight: bold Italics.

v) Bullet the listed items appropriately 3rd column 5) Insert the rounded rectangle and format its heading to: (2mks)

i) Underline: Double

ii) Font type: Arial Black

6) Format the text under the heading “ LOCATION” as follows:- (2mks)

i) Font type: Castellar ii) Font size: 9pts

7) Insert the suitable picture as it appears in the publication. (1mk)

8) Insert the header to bear Your Name and the Footer to bear Your Index Number. (2mks)

45 marks

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