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Art and Design Paper 1

SECTION A (20 Marks)

Answer ALL the questions in this section.

Write your answers in the spaces provided after each question.
1a).Give two importance of art as a subject.
______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

b).What is an illustration in graphic design?

______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

c).Describe an armature

______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

d).Study the illustration below.

(i).Identify the above process. __________________________________
(ii)Identify the part marked X. _________________________________
e).In the space provided below illustrate a block uppercase letter b.

f).Identify two decorative methods used in the decoration of green ware pottery.

g).The image below is to be printed on paper as it appears using screen printing and block method .In the boxes provided sketch the image as it would appear on the screen and on the block.

h).Explain your understanding of pinholes and state two causes .

i).In the spaces provided below, make an illustration to create a visual impact of depth and distance

j).State and explain two qualities that make clay an ideal material for modeling

k).Explain simulated texture

l).State two uses of texture in art and design.

20 marks

SECTION B (25 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section. Write your answers in the spaces provided after each question.

a) Explain two main purposes of traditional African body ornaments

b).With illustrations explain any three beadwork techniques

5 marks


The illustration below represents a type of identification symbol.

(i)a).Name the type

b).Identify the components


Identify the illustration above and state its functions.

5 marks


a).Explain the term “repeat

b).In the spaces provided below, illustrate
i).Full drop

ii) Random repeat

5 marks

SECTION C (5 Marks)

Answer only ONE question from this section. Write your answer in the spaces provided after question 9.

a) Define weaving
b).i) Make an illustration of a portion of a Ghiordes knot woven mat and a twinned hard bag to show the difference in their structures.
ii).Name any two weaving faults and illustrate one of them
c).Explain and illustrate how to weave a wall hanging using 2/2 twill and illustrate a section of the finished product.

15 marks


.a).Briefly describe sculpture under the following processes giving specific examples in each case. (8mks)
-Addition technique
b).Naming tools and materials describe how you would produce a sculptural form using a two piece mould.

15 marks


a) The terms below describe a mosaic production .State their meaning
i).Shimmering effect

iii) Interstices
b) Briefly explain the process of creating a wall hanging using the collage technique.

15 marks

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