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Biology Paper 1


Name the field of science that specializes in the study of chemical changes in an organism

1 marks


Explain how light intensity would affect the distribution of fish in a pond

3 marks


a) State the significance of the following in evolution

i) Accumulation of variations in organisms

__________________________________________________________________ _____________

ii) Survival of the fittest

__________________________________________________________________ _____________ __________________________________________________________________ _____________
b) Explain what leads to struggle for existence in organisms exploiting the same
ecological niche

3 marks


What is the effect of antidiuretic hormone in the human body

2 marks


Identify the organelle marked A

b) Give three functions of the organelle named in (a) above

3 marks


Study the classification illustrated below and answer the question that follows;

Aves Pisces Amphibian S Reptilia
a) Name the phylum R (1mrk) __________________________________________________________________________ ___________

b) State two distinguishing characteristics of member of class S __________________________________________________________________________

3 marks


The figure below illustrates a portion of a chromosome with genes named A, B, C, S,Q and R.

Use the diagrams similar to the one above to illustrate the changes if the above chromosome undergoes the following mutations affecting only gene C and S.

i) Deletion

__________________________________________________________________ _____________ __________________________________________________________________ _____________

ii) Inversion

__________________________________________________________________ _____________ __________________________________________________________________ _____________ __________________________________________________________________ ____________

iii) Duplication

__________________________________________________________________ _____________ __________________________________________________________________ _____________

3 marks


State the functions of the following in plants

i) Piliferous layer

ii) Pericycle

__________________________________________________________________ _____________ __________________________________________________________________ _____________

iii) Root cap

__________________________________________________________________ _____________

3 marks


Complete the table below for mineral nutrients in plants

3 marks


a) At what stage of mitosis do chromosomes replicate to form daughter chromatids?

b) A diploid cell was observed to have 46 chromosomes.

i) How many chromatids would the cell produce at the end of meiotic cell division? ________________________________________________________________________

2 marks


The diagram below shows a specialized cell.

a) Name the type of cell shown above ________________________________________________________________________

b) Name the part labeled B.

c) State the function of the part labeled A.

3 marks


A new born baby has generally a heartbeat of 120 to 140 per minute while that of adult is 70 minutes on average. Account for the difference.

3 marks


What makes young herbaceous plants remain upright?

3 marks


The graph below represents the growth of an animal in a certain phylum.

a) Name the type of growth pattern shown on the graph.

b) Identify the process represented by X

c) Name the hormone responsible for the process in (b) above

3 marks


Give two structural differences between smooth muscles and skeletal muscles

2 marks


Why are people with blood group O called universal donors

2 marks


Name the site in mammalian lungs where gaseous exchange occurs

2 marks


Active yeast cells were added to dilute sugar solution in a container. The mixture was left in a warm room. After a few hours bubbles of gases were observed escaping from the mixture. a) Write an equation to represent the chemical. _____________________________________________________________________ _________ _____________________________________________________________________ _________

b) What is the importance of this type of reaction in industries? _____________________________________________________________________

3 marks


The diagram below shows an experiment done on a leaf of terrestrial plants to investigate a certain biological process in a mesophyte.

a) Explain the expected results _____________________________________________________________________

b) What was the use of the cellotape?

3 marks


State two ways in which the ileum is structurally adapted to the absorption of digested food

3 marks


a)State the organism that causes the following diseases;

i) Trichonomiasis

_________________________________________________________________ _____________ _________________________________________________________________ _____________

ii) Bilharzia

_________________________________________________________________ _____________ _________________________________________________________________ _____________

c) Name a disease in humans that is caused by plasmodium falciparum

3 marks


Explain how the iris alters the size of the pupil

3 marks


. Identify the mode of feeding of the

a) Animal whose dental formula is given below

Give reasons for your answer in a) (i) above.

3 marks


The diagram below shows a pollen tube as it develops down the style.

Name the parts labeled M and N

M____________________________________________________________________ ______________ N_____________________________________________________________________ ______________

b) State the functions of the part labeled M.

3 marks


Explain why few organisms are found inhabiting higher altitude than lower altitude

2 marks


A rainbow lizard was seen basking on a rock

a) Name two ways by which it gained heat by these behavioural process. _____________________________________________________________________ _________ _____________________________________________________________________ _________ _____________________________________________________________________ _________
b) State the role of scales in reptiles

3 marks


The chart below shows a feeding in a certain ecosystem.

a) Construct two food chains ending with a tertiary consumer

b) Which organisms has the highest variety of predators in the food web _________________________________________________________________ _____________ _________________________________________________________________ _____________ _________________________________________________________________ _____________
c) Suggest one way in which the ecosystem would be affected if there was a prolonged drought

3 marks


A traffic police stretched his arm to the right. To cause this motion of the arm, explain the behavior of his biceps and triceps

3 marks


Table below shows two mammalian hormones for each hormone. State the site of production and its function in the body.

3 marks

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