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Christian Religious Education Paper 2


a) Show how prophet Isaiah presented servant of Yahweh. (7mks)
b) Outline SEVEN important ideas that come out of the Benedictus (Lk 1:67-80) (7mks)

c) Give six reasons why children should take part in church activities. (6mks)

20 marks


a) Give FOUR teachings of John the Baptist on social justice. (8mks)

b) Relate the healing of centurion’s servant LK 7:1-10. (7mks)

c) Identify five ways through which the church continues with the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. (5mks)

20 marks


a) With reference to the parable of the lost son, explain FOUR teachings about God. Lk15:11-32 (8mks)

b) Mention FIVE actions taken by Jewish leaders to ensure Jesus was crucified. Lk 22:39-23:1 -25. (5mks)

c) Outline the lessons Christians learn from experience at Mt. Olives Lk 22:39 -46. (7mks)

20 marks


a) Explain how the use of Holy Spirit brought disunity in the church at Corinth. (8mks)

b) Give seven gifts of the Holy Spirit as outlined by St. Paul. (7mks)

c) Give five characteristics of love as taught by St. Paul. 1Cor13:4-8 (5mks)

20 marks


a) Identify SEVEN life skills were imparted in young growing youth in traditional

African society to practice responsible sexual behaviour. (7mks)

b) State the Christian teachings on human sexuality. (7mks)

c) Identify six ways in which responsible parenthood is manifested in our society today. (7mks)

20 marks


a) State seven perception of work . (6mks)

b) Discuss the church and state relationship in Kenya today. (8mks)

c) Give FIVE ways in which the church can promote self employment. (5mks)

20 marks

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