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Geography Paper 2

SECTION A (25 Marks)


a) State three climatic conditions that favour growing of oil palm in Nigeria (3mrks)

b) Give two problems experienced in marketing of oil palm in Nigeria (2mrks)

5 marks


a) Distinguish between environmental management and environmental conservation (2mrks)

b) State three reasons for the need of environmental management and conservation (3mrks)

5 marks


a) Mention three exotic breeds of dairy cattle reared in kenya (3mrks)

b) State two problems facing dairy farmers in rift valley province (2mrks)

5 marks


a) Name two oil producing countries in Africa. (2mrks)

b) State three conditions that are necessary for the formation of petroleum. (3mrks)

5 marks


a) Name two canals found within the st. Lawrence seaway (2mrks)

b) Give three reasons why Trans- Africa highway is difficult to use (3mrks)

5 marks

SECTION B (75 Marks)


Table below shows the value of exports of some crops from Kenya between 19971998.

a) i) Use the data provided in the table above to draw proportional circles. Take a scale of 1cm represents 50 (7mrks)

ii) Give two disadvantages of using proportional circles to represent the data (2mrks)

b) state five physical conditions required for the growing of tea in kenya (5mrks)

c) Describe the stages involved in the cultivation of tea from land preparation to harvesting (5mrks)

d) Explain three problems experienced in small scale tea farming in Kenya

25 marks


a) State three deep sea fishing methods (3mrks)

b) Identify four problems experienced in marketing of fish in Kenya (4mrks)

c) Explain five measures taken by Kenyan government to conserve fisheries in Kenya (10mrks)
d) Explain four physical factors which have made Japan a major fishing nation in the world (8mrks)

25 marks


a) i) Differentiate between extractive industry and manufacturing industry (2mrks)

ii) What is industrial inertia? (1mrk)

iii) Name any three agricultural non-food processing industries in Kenya (3mrks)

b) Explain any four factors that have favoured the establishment of manufacturing industries in Eldoret town (8mrks)

c) State any five characteristics of cottage industries in India (5mrks)

d) Explain any three reasons why the government of Kenya is encouraging decentralization of industries (6mrks)

25 marks


a) i) Name any four large scale H.E.P projects’ in Africa outside East Africa. (4mrks)

ii) Apart from water name three other sources of renewable energy (3mrks)

b) Explain any four factors that have hindered full development of H.E.P production in Kenya (8mrks)

c) State any six ways in which Kenya has benefited from the development of her H.E.P projects (6mrks)

d) State any four ways of management and conservation of energy (4mrks)

25 marks


a) State three sources of population data (3mrks)

b) Distinguish between population distribution and population density (2mrks)

c) i) Identify four social economic problems of ageing population in the developed countries. (4mrks)

ii) Explain four possible ways of developing areas of low population densities in East Africa. (8mrks)

e) Explain four reasons that have led to high population density in the Kenya highlands (8mrks)

25 marks

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