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Home Science Paper 2


Materials provided.
1. Pattern pieces;

A – Apron skirt

B – Bib

C – Waist band

D – Frill

2. Plain light weight cotton fabric 80cm long by 90cm.

3. Sewing thread to match the fabric

4. A button 1.2cm diameter

5. One large envelop.
Using the materials provided, cut out and make the apron to show the following.
a) The preparation of the bib

b) The attachment of the bib to the waist band

c) The preparation of pleats on the frill

d) Attaching the frill onto the skirt using an overlaid seam

e) Starting from the right hand edge, neaten 8cm of the overlaid seam using loop stitches.

f) Machine hemming the right-hand edge of the skirt

g) Working of gathers on the skirt

h) Machining the skirt onto the overlap of the waist band

i) Holding the under lap onto the skirt using long and short taking stitches. Do not hem

j) Working of the buttonhole.

k) Attaching of the button.
At the end of the examination;

firmly sew on your work. On a single fabric, a label bearing your name and index number.

Remove the needle and pins from your work, then fold your work neatly and place it in the envelop provided.
Do not put scraps of fabric in the envelop.

25 marks

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